Corporate Division Building Materials

The Building Materials division includes the business units Aggregates and Slate. They offer products for road construction and for roofs and façades.


Quarries and mixing plants owned by the Group

For 5000 years, humankind has made use of natural stone. This building material is the proverbial rock on which our modern society stands. The Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft has been dedicated to quarrying and processing for more than 125 years. Today, the company leads the Werhahn Aggregates business unit.

Hard stones are quarried and processed in ca. 100 quarries owned by the Group. They are used, for example, as railway ballast or for bank reinforcement. Also, some of these mineral raw materials are used for producing asphalt mixtures.

In addition, the Aggregates business unit runs 225 mixing plants owned by the Group. Further fields of activity are the recycling and marketing of construction waste, as well as the storage of uncontaminated, non-reusable construction waste residues. Construction chemicals, for example for sealing foundations, round off the range of services.

Aggregates – the foundation of mobility

With its product range, the Aggregates business unit is one of the largest producers in Germany and participates in many major projects in infrastructure construction. Abroad, the Aggregates business unit is mainly active in Sweden, as well as in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

“The Slate business line is one of the leading producers of top-quality slate, developing products for the decoration of exclusive environments. The product range offers a wide range of tilings for roofs and walls. System solutions, developed especially for contemporary architecture, enable innovative façade construction. The portfolio is supplemented by building stones for the interior and for gardening and landscaping. The business line caters for international markets mostly through its subsidiaries in the north-west of Spain, one of the largest slate-quarrying areas in the world.”

Old as the hills, and cutting-edge all the same

Slate came into being 400 million years ago and is a primary rock. From the age of antiquity until today it has been used as building material.

The production and distribution of slate products for the decoration of exclusive environments is the objective of the business unit, which is run by Rathscheck Schiefer. Founded in 1793, the company belongs to Werhahn Group since 1904.


Slate brings impressive features to interior design. As an exquisite wall paneling, the material provides rooms with a lively structure full of character – natural, and beyond short-lived fashion fads.


Pure nature meets aesthetic standards

Apart from monument restoration, the business unit has established a strong position in modern architecture. The symmetrical and clear claddings that can be achieved with rectangular slate, also in large formats, as well as the total naturalness of the material, make slate the first choice of many architects and developers, which is demonstrated by numerous reference objects.

Insulation elements for roofs and façades, in a high-performance bond with slate, also belong to the product portfolio, as well as building stones for the interior and exterior, or for landscaping.