Since the foundation of Werhahn, the family-run business and its shareholders concentrate not exclusively on success and the expansion of business activities. From the beginning, charitable engagement has been an important part of the Werhahn concept.

The Werhahn foundation takes up, continues, and complements this tradition. The Foundation is an initiative of the shareholders of the Werhahn KG, which functions as its founder.

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Under the motto “Laying the foundations for life perspectives”, the focus lies on supporting disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults. The Werhahn Foundation runs numerous projects and supports initiatives both at home and abroad.


Social Day 2018

On June 4th, employees and management board members of the Wilh. Werhahn KG exchanged their business outfits for workwear and energetically pitched in at the Raphaelshaus. After 2017, this was the second day of active help for the Catholic support center for children and young people in Dormargen near Neuss. „When we were here for the first time, we could already see that the work never stops and that we can really make a contribution“, said Paolo Dell‘ Antonio, Werhahn’s board spokesperson. „It was immediately clear that we would return and wanted to continue – last but not least because the work in highly diverse teams was really good fun.“

Around 250 girls and boys are cared for in different semi-stationary and stationary groups, as well as in external residential units. Due to the conditions in their families of origin, they are all in urgent need of help. The goal is to give direction and perspective to the development of the children and youngsters, with a variety of educational concepts and an integrated school that also enables them to gain their secondary school certificate.


Kompass D

Young refugees are enabled to live autonomously, to earn their own money, and to be integrated into their new home town, Neuss. This was the objective of businesses from Neuss, including Werhahn KG as the main initiator, to launch the initative “Kompass D” in November 2015. The young immigrants receive language training and additional tuition, for example in mathematics, business administration and social education. The first courses have started in April in Neuss and Grevenbroich. The integration project is definitely a pilot scheme for the whole country, because its aim is not to make demands but to offer active support.


Community Center “StartUp” in Cologne

The institution supports refugees – young people, women and families – and is the first cooperative project of the Werhahn Foundation and the business unit abcfinance. The community center is run by the registered association “Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen” (Social Services of Catholic Women). Apart from financial aid from both the foundation and the company, employees of abcfinance are directly involved in the project. Their employer supports them by granting two hours off work. With more than 400 employees at the abcfinance branch in Cologne, over 800 hours of social work can be achieved.

Additional selected projects


The Werhahn Foundation rewards the voluntary activities of employees of the Werhahn Group with up to 1000 Euro of aid money for selected initiatives.


In India, the Werhahn Foundation supports the ZWILLING foundation, which runs a vocational training center for disabled young people in the production location in Pondicherry, smoothing their path towards an autonomous life.


Yet another success story is the project Reading Mentor Neuss, which was initiated by the Werhahn Foundation at the end of 2012. By now, 150 trained voluntary mentors (as of March 2015) help children and young people to enhance their reading and writing skills.