Werhahn as employer

As a family-run business, Werhahn places great emphasis on respectful treatment, mutual consideration and understanding. It is equally important to support the reconciliation of family and working life and the protection of our employees’ health and vitality.


Children’s day care center TWINNY LAND

The children’s day care center run by ZWILLING on the factory premises in Solingen is an example for the reconciliation of family and working life. TWINNY LAND is the only integrative company kindergarten in Germany. In the institution, 90 children are cared for by qualified preschool teachers, remedial teachers, a speech therapist and a physiotherapist.

The center is also open for the very little ones. In two “Under 2” groups, children under the regular kindergarten age are in the competent hands of trained childminders and preschool teachers. And TWINNY LAND can also be attended by children whose parents do not work for ZWILLING. The concept aims to offer optimum support for parents – whether they are ZWILLING employees or not.


Don’t we all know it: tensions in the back, the shoulders or the neck are a common ailment, especially of those who work in the office. The employees of abcfinance can take precautionary measures directly at their workplace. In Cologne, the financial services provider has furnished a special training room with modern fitness machines. After hours, employees can strengthen their muscles, heart and circulation here – also under the tutelage of qualified physiotherapists. Preventive classes where a healthy lifestyle is learned over the course of several weeks complement the program.


Preventive program for employees

For ZWILLING, health management is intrinsic to personnel management. Only motivated and healthy employees are able to lead a business towards sustainable economic success.

“Harmony & Health” offers a holistic preventive program against stress and other psychological burdens. The ZWILLING employees can select from a range of various activities for increasing physical and mental well-being: from breathing exercises, Qi Gong and autogenic training to yoga, stress management and team training.

Nutrition counseling in the canteen

The canteen concept goes beyond the usual as well: Employees can not only enjoy varied, healthy meals, but nutrition counseling by a qualified coach.


A comprehensive consultation program

Today more than ever, in view of the current demographic development, longer working life and increasing economic challenges, businesses must support both health and capabilities of their employees.

Werhahn has therefore introduced an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Employees, managers and their family members can receive professional consultation for crises at work and at home – for free, and absolutely confidential.

Whether stress at work, professional crises, burnout, private conflicts, mental stress, deaths, or financial problems occur – the EAP covers a large range of fields and topics. Managers and officeholders receive support from EAP specialists when they have questions about how to deal with their employees.


The best opportunities for development

The leadership principles of Werhahn aim at supporting all employees towards reaching their best possible development. Managers are responsible for their area and their employees. They offer the employee the scope of action and responsibility that leads to optimum performance. This is successful because goals are stipulated, promotion prospects are supported, and a role models are given by the leadership.


Recognition of potentials and active steering of careers

The Werhahn competence model, based upon our mission statement and our leadership principles and covering the diverse requirements a Werhahn executive needs to meet, is an important tool for the recruiting, assessing and supporting of executives. It provides assistance for external assessment and self-evaluation.

Furthermore, it facilitates the definition of requirements and objectives and the assessment of expectations. Based on competence models, it is possible to define and to offer tailored qualifying measures for every executive manager.


Diverse development and training measures in the Werhahn group

Whether for employees, junior talents or executives: the Werhahn Excellence Program is a training opportunity for the whole Group. In its workshops and classes it conveys knowledge, experience and methods – always precisely tailored towards the needs of the respective target group. The program design is based on the requirements of the different corporate divisions. It contains a broad range of measures for professional and personal development and is conducted by professional trainers and coaches for personnel and organization development.