Foundation of the company by
Pete Wilhelm, known as Wilhelm Werhahn

Diversification right from the start

The range of products encompasses the timber
trade agricultural products, basalt, tuff and bricks, as well as guano fertilizer and cement

Conversion of the company into a general partnership

After the death of the founder, the company is converted from a business
under sole proprietorship into a general partnership. The three heirs are
liable in equal proportions. In 1977, Werhahn becomes a limited partnership


Development of the mill industry

1871 Foundation of the oil mill Werhahn & Nauen
1873 Acquisition of the flower mill Nix und Cie, which becomes the root of the
former corporate division Baking Products



Lending a real estate operations

Development of various property managements, which lay the foundation for
the current House and Real Estate branch of Wilh. Werhahn KG



Foundation of Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft

Origin of current Aggregates business unit



Engagement in the Rhenish lignite industry

Foundation of the Horrem briquette factory, which is closed in 1969

Acquisition of shares of the
slate producer Rathscheck

Origin of the current Slate business unit 1909 acquisition of all shares


Official confirmation of the
Wilh. Werhahn company as banking business

Origin of the current banking house Werhahn GmbH


Engagement in the lignite industry in central Germany

Acquisition of the Senftenberger Kohlewerke, which were confiscated by the
Red Army in 1945 and expropriated in 1947



since 1908 expansion of the food industry

Acquisition of the dairies Schweizerhof (1908) and C. Bolle (1917),
the Georg Schätzlein GmbH (1929) and the Schad & Füllgrabe AG (1936),
1987 Sale of the complete food branch


During the 1920s and 1930s: modernization and restructuring
of all business units


Collapse and reconstruction

In the West, Werhahn invests heavily into the reconstruction of the business units.
In the East, all business operations collapse due to the loss of the brown coal
factories and mines and the food stores of Schade & Füllgrabe



First contract of association

Majority shareholding in
ZWILLING J. A. Henckels AG

Birth of the current Consumer Goods corporate
division; acquisition of the rest of the shares in 1979



Acquisition of abc-Bank

Origin of the current business unit abcfinance



Wilh. Werhahn becomes sole owner of Basalt AG



Acquisition of the majority interest in the mill

Georg Plange GmbH & Co. (Diamant flour)


Acquistition of AKB-Bank

After the very successful development of the renowned
automobile credit bank, it is sold in 2002 to the Spanish bank
Santander Central Hispano


Outsourcing of the banking business

Outsourcing of the banking business and the ZN Haus und Grund into
the newly estabilshed Bankhaus Werhahn KG



Majority interest in DEUTAG

Extension of the Aggregates business unit by asphalt production.
In 2006, DEUTAG is fully acquired by Werhahn



Expansion of the building materials activities

Acquisition of Tendis GmbH & Co and shares of Deutsche Asphalt GmbH,
both of which are subsidiaries of Philipp Holzmann AG



Schmidt acquisition

Purchase of the construction and building materials division of Dr. Schmidt Group


Systematic expansion of the corporate division Consumer Goods

The cookware manufacturers Staub and Demeyere complement the kitchen line,
the beauty line grows in 2004, 2012 and 2013 through the acquisitions of
Tweezerman, alessandro International and the Chinese QVS Group;
the hairdressing supplies line.



Dynamic growth of abcfinance through strategic acquisitions

Ten leasing and five factoring purchases until 2015



Foundation of Bank11

The bank offers sales and purchase financing for the automotive trade.
Together with abcfinance it constitutes the corporate division Financial Services. 2013,
acquisition of C&A Bank and expansion of direct banking for private customers



Sale of the milling businesses

By selling its milling businesses, which were united into the Premium Milling
Group, Wilh. Werhahn KG separates from the largest part of its
corporate division Banking Products



Acquisition by thecorporate division Consumer Goods

Purchase of the Italian company Ballarini, expanding the product range of the kitchen
line into the strategically important segment of non-stick coated cookware



175 years of Werhahn


Further expansion of the brand portfolio

The Zwilling Kitchenware business unit enters the growth market of BBQ and
outdoor cooking with the acquisition of Santos Grills and Flammkraft


Change of ownership at United Salon Technologies

Wilh. Werhahn KG sells the Jaguar/Tondeo Professional Hairdressing Equipment business unit



New slate extraction site in Spain

The Slate business unit takes over Pizarras La Baña and now has three
production sites in the northern Spanish slate region of Galicia